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Effective and Affordable Cybersecurity for All

In a world that’s always connected and full of data breaches, ransomware attacks and more, you must safeguard your information and network at all times. Guard Street’s protection is carefully designed to protect your business, your enterprise and personal protection using the top protection solutions through an economical approach. Our services, tools and cybersecurity specialists help you avoid cyber-attacks and are ready to jump into action should you need cyber-attack assistance, so you can recover quickly.

We protect the essential areas of your business, enterprise and life. As cybercriminals change their approaches to exploit you, we stay on top of these new vulnerabilities to protect you. Every business and enterprise is different and we provide the layered and custom protection to meet your needs.

Guard Street protects thousands of businesses and people just like you. Get the peace of mind in knowing you have the protection tools, services and qualified assistance to recover from a cyber-attack.

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About Us

Guard Street Story

The world we live in today can be scary. The number of victims of cybercrime and ID theft is growing drastically worldwide and the average financial loss continues to grow drastically. Fraudsters, cybercriminals and hackers are steps ahead in collecting your business and personal data. It’s incredibly easy to become a victim these days if you don’t use cybersecurity services or tools. In fact, if you do nothing, you’re an easier target for bad guys.

Our co-founders are big time advocates of proactive data security and privacy BEFORE there is a problem. But to do that, you need to have the right system and tools in place. They also believe in prioritizing what you need to protect and having access to specialists who can help should you become a victim of a cyber-attack.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with the best available, holistic solutions to proactively protect their most precious assets from cybercriminals and should they become a victim of a cyber-attack, help them to quickly recover.

Our Customer Commitment.

  • Most Complete Cybersecurity Offering
  • Best In Class
  • Best Value

Guard Street is owned by Guard Street Partners, LLC. We are owned by a private equity company and based in the Chicago area. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth since our start and would like to thank our customers for their continued support.

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