Who is Guard Street?

Guard Street is a cybersecurity company that provides proactive protection services and tools to prevent cyber-attacks as well as reactive assistance should your company experience a cyber-attack. Since 2014, we have been protecting and helping thousands of small businesses, enterprises, and consumers

What is Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
Our service provides the tools and access to services to prevent and survive a cyber-attack. There are four essential aspects to the plan. It includes a monthly scan to alert you to vulnerabilities that could impact your business and access to remote technical support specialists to assist in remediating the found vulnerabilities. If your business is a victim of a cyber-attack, we provide access to an incident response team of cyber specialists to assist your company and provide 10% off those services. Additionally, through your plan, you will have access to a secure portal where you can receive a cyber liability insurance quote in minutes from a licensed insurance agency. Cyber liability insurance is essential to help your business recover financially from a cyber-attack and our plan removes the complexity of obtaining a quote and purchasing the insurance.

What if I have questions about my Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
Please contact us at cybersupport@guardstreet.com or 1-800-811-9130.

After I enroll, when will I receive my enrollment materials?
We will email your enrollment materials within one business day. It will include your Membership ID number. If you do not receive it, please check your spam inbox or contact us.

How long is the contract for the Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
This is a month-to-month program. There is no long-term contract.

Does it matter how many employees my company has to enroll in the Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
No, our focus is on protecting your network and business. We look at the number of public IP addresses and URLs your company has.

My business has IT people, do I need the Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
Yes, this will take the burden off so they can focus on the important aspects of operating your business. We can focus on your cybersecurity.

My business already has insurance, do I need the Cyber Attack Protection Plan?
Yes. Your insurance likely requires you to have the proactive protection in place that our Plan includes. Additionally, you know how important cyber liability insurance coverage is. Through the insurance portal, you can receive a quote for a supplemental policy to your existing coverage or for your primary cyber liability insurance coverage.

My business takes credit cards and we have a PCI scan done, do we need this Program?
Yes, our cyber vulnerability scan is designed to protect your business from cyber threats like malware and ransomware. Our scan could work in conjunction with your existing scan, and you could even compare how much more thorough our scan is. We do have a separate PCI ASV scan and we’re happy to review that with you. Please give us a call.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Please contact us at cybersupport@guardstreet.com or 1-800-811-9130.

What’s included with the Security Incident Response service and is there a cost for the service?
Our provider assists with rapid response to incidents and works closely with security and legal teams throughout the investigation. Our experts work quickly to collect and triage evidence, identify issues, and implement an appropriate response strategy.

They provide forensic services by creating forensic images of computers, mobile devices, file shares, email servers and other devices to preserve valuable data, enable investigative integrity and help avoid spoliation risks. They will provide analysis on collected data to assist in understanding key information.

They also provide expert services including providing affidavits, declarations, review of expert reports, depositions and court testimony.

How do I use the Security Incident Response service?
After you enroll in the Cyber Attack Protection Plan, you will receive your membership materials via email. This will include a dedicated phone number to reach our incident response team.

What are cyber vulnerability alerts?
When nearly 20 new cybersecurity vulnerabilities are identified on average every day, it is imperative to stay vigilant in detecting and addressing security holes or misconfigurations in your systems. Each new vulnerability discovered increases your level of risk, as attackers can often figure out how to exploit these vulnerabilities within days (sometimes hours) of their disclosure. The alerts on our reports tell you your system vulnerabilities each month and instructions for fixing them.

Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Program makes this easy for you! When you enroll, you pick your first scan date and time, and your scans will run automatically, giving you monthly updates on the threats to your business.

What do the cyber vulnerability alerts include?
As an organization that has sensitive information to safeguard, it’s critical to understand how you might be targeted. By enrolling in Cyber Attack Protection Plan, you receive a risk profile of your organization and monthly security scans of your Internet-facing devices, which look for weaknesses that an attacker might use to access your systems. Your reports include corrective recommendations that are risk-ranked based on priority and will provide you with the information you need to close security gaps and defend against attacks and data breaches.

Why should I use the cyber vulnerability alert service?
Failure to identify and address system vulnerabilities can result in cyber-attacks, data breaches, possibly fines and expose your business to liability claims. You may also lose the confidence of existing and future customers.

How do I set up my monthly Cyber Vulnerability Scans?
After you enroll, you will receive an email with your Membership ID number and other membership materials. Go to the Cyber Scan Set Up tab at the bottom of our website and enter your Membership ID number, public IP addresses and URLs. After that, we will send you an email so you can set up your login information to view your scan results.

How long does it take to set up the Cyber Vulnerability Scan?
Once we receive your public IP addresses and URLs, we will need up to two business days to make sure we have the correct information and set up your first scan. After that, you will receive an email so that you can login and view your scan results.

How often will the Cyber Vulnerability Scan run?
Monthly. However, if you would like to rescan after remediating vulnerabilities, you may rescan throughout the month to help ensure the identified vulnerabilities have been remediated.

Where do I go to view my Cyber Vulnerability Scan results?
Once you have provided us with your public facing IP addresses and URLs and received our email to set up your login, you can go to https://guardstreetcyberpro.sikichlabs.com/ any time to review the results.

How many public IP addresses and URLs are included in the vulnerability scanning?
Each license includes up to six public IP addresses or URLs. For example, if you have five public IP addresses and one URL, that counts as one license. If you have seven public IP addresses and two URLs, this will count as two licenses and your company would need to sign up for a second license.

What if I have more than six public IP addresses or URLs and what is the cost?
Your company will need an additional license. The cost of an additional license is $79.95 per month. We will contact you to receive permission to add a second license to your bill.

How do I use Live Support?
After you enroll in the Cyber Attack Protection Plan, you will receive your membership materials via email. This will include a dedicated phone number to reach our live technical support team. Once you call our technical specialists, they will provide you with a link with terms and conditions to review and accept so they can log into your system remotely. You will need your Admin password on all machines and devices requiring patches and updates.

What is included with the Live Support?

This service provides your company with Tier 1 live support via telephone and online to mitigate the issues identified through the cyber vulnerability scan as described below.

This service will include remediation of issues associated with:

· Windows PCs (patch updates, malware, security settings)

· Macintosh (OS subversion updates, malware, security settings)

· Android (version updates, security settings)

· iOS (version updates, security settings)

· Firewalls (Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, BullGuard, Kaspersky) updates and settings.

· Routers – Almost any non-business class router. Some routers are: Linksys, Arris, TP-Link, Asus, Netgear. All small business routers with standard Wi-Fi configuration. All routers with internal security monitoring and/or VPN servers are out of scope.

· Virus or malware removal from connected devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, Android.

· Set-up of anti-virus and malware software if company has incorrectly installed or is missing automated update setting.

· Updating of WPA security settings across devices including a wireless network including port configurations on supported devices

· Support loading security updates and patches and setting automatic update mechanism that are identified being in scope of local network machines.

· Internet Browser patch updates including support for Internet Explorer version 6.0 or later, Firefox version 2 or later or Safari, Chrome Edge and Opera. Other browsers may not be supported.

· Applying security patches to PC/Mac for small business applications including Quickbooks and Adobe products.

Services cover the latest OS versions of Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS and older versions still supported by the manufacturer, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.5 and above.

Is there anything excluded from the Live Support?
Customers who do not provide the live support specialist with access to their computer remotely to view the cyber vulnerability scan report and support the remediation efforts will not receive Tier 1 or Tier 2 technical support.

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft or security packages. Should your cyber vulnerability scan identify an issue with Windows 7 on your machine, the live support specialist will inform you that there is no additional fixes available for Windows 7 and you will need to upgrade the software.

Every business is different and should the scope of remediation be beyond Tier 1 above, you will be informed by our live support specialist. If a higher level of service (Tier 2) is available, you will be given the option of receiving this service at a fee.

Remote technical support beyond the cyber vulnerability scan remediation for your business is not included in our service. However, it is available as through our Business Solutions Tech Support service at your option.

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