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Cyber Vulnerability Alerts

We conduct monthly vulnerability scans of your network and provide a thorough report to alert you to the vulnerabilities found. While similar to an anti-virus scan on your laptop, your network needs a tremendous amount of attention. We check for over 100,000 vulnerabilities on all components of your internet infrastructure including firewalls, routers, web servers, email servers and other devices. Plus, we identify and search for 20 new vulnerabilities each day on average. Finding these vulnerabilities is essential for your business to avoid ransomware attacks. Our reports alert you to the severity of vulnerabilities and provide remediation instructions. Remediating the vulnerabilities each month will help you avoid cyber-attacks.

It’s easy to set up, accurate, complete and easy to understand!

Live Support

Need help fixing the vulnerabilities or don’t have an IT point person? Whether you have an IT point person or not, you can call us to help remediate / fix the vulnerabilities found through the report of alerts. As part of your plan, our team will login remotely to patch updates, remove malware or viruses from connected devices, make updates, apply security settings and more. Even if your website is hosted by a third party, you can send the report of vulnerabilities to them.

Emergency Response Hotline

Should your organization be the victim of a cyber-attack, we have cybersecurity specialists ready to jump into action on your behalf. They will assist with rapid response to incidents and work closely with security and legal teams throughout the investigation to help your organization recover. Our service also includes identifying causes, implementing the appropriate response strategy, digital forensic services and even expert reports and court testimony and more. The Cyber Attack Protection Plan includes access to the specialists and 10% off all services.

Cyber Liability Insurance Access

Cyber liability insurance is designed to provide protection to organizations for the financial liability risks resulting from an actual or suspected cyber-attack or a security breach that results in the unauthorized release of protected information. Our service will provide you with a secure portal where you can apply for the insurance coverage that best meets the needs of your business from $250,000 to several million dollars in coverage. You’ll receive a quote in minutes from the top rated insurance companies through a licensed agent

The coverage includes defense and settlement or judgement, regulatory fines and penalties (including PCI), E-Theft, Ransomware and more. See Frequently Asked Questions tab for more details.

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